Tuning Fork Energy 999Hz

€ 59.00

Energy tuning fork 999 Hz can help us in many ways.

Energy levels will fluctuate depending on several factors. Diet, rest, age and fitness level are some of the factors that will have an affect on your energy level. If we are not able to get enough time to rest,than here is one tuning fork which can be used.

Nitrous Oxide is already present in our body. Nitrous oxide helps keep blood vessels open. Blood vessels relax and constrict to regulate blood flow and nitrous oxide opens up blood vessels, allowing red blood cells to deliver oxygen.The Energy Tuning Fork works on the phenomenon of sedation or tranquilizing effect .This tuning fork uses this Nitrous Oxide(already present in our body) to give us energy and keep us relaxed. When we use this fork, we activate Nitrous Oxide and it gets released in small quantities in the blood stream and this benefit us in number of ways.

Benefits of using this tuning fork-

  • It makes us calm and relax.
  • Increase our energy level.
  • Help in keeping blood vessels open.
  • Help us in having sound sleep.
Use the tuning fork on the tailbone. Then, base of the skull.

It is an excellent massage tool. It helps the person feel immensely relaxed & energized . For this, the frequency has to be worked upwards from spine to skull. Firstly, use it on tailbone ,then, use it on middle of the lower back, then use it on middle of the back, then use it on middle of the back at shoulder blades, then use it on middle of the neck, then use it on the back of the skull just above the spine.
At each position, strike the tuner & keep it there until it stops vibrating. This process completes the tuning for energy. The massage can be resumed after this. In 15-20 minutes,person can feel energized.