Circulation Tuning Fork 586Hz

Tuning Fork Circulation 586Hz

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Circulation Fork - 586 Hz

• Relieve stiffness and pain
• Increased oxygen flow to joints
• Increase blood circulation to your body

The frequency of the Circulation fork is used to stimulate the flow of blood to areas of the body. Arthritis is a prime example of poor circulation in the joints. Once the flow of blood is returned to the damaged areas it will start to heal its self. The Circulation forks frequency works on Diabetes and other diseases, as well.

The circulation of blood refers to its continual flow from the heart, through branching arteries, to reach and traverse the microscopic vessels in all parts of the body, reconverging in the veins and returning to the heart, to flow thence through the lungs and back to the heart to start the circuit again. This uninterrupted movement of the blood is necessary to maintain the supply of oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the gut, as well as for the distribution of hormones.

How to use this fork

Place the tip of the stem/handle of vibrating tuning fork on the joint or area where there is stiffness or pain. Allow the tuning fork tip to remain on the area until it stops vibrating and then repeat the process three to four more times. Massaging or rubbing the area helps to spread the frequency vibration.

Circulatory disorders are quite common in middle-aged and elderly folk. Hypertension is one of them. It is caused by cholesterol plaque deposits along the walls of the arteries, making them harden and constrict. Because the arteries are constricted, the blood exerts great force against the walls of the blood vessels, causing the blood pressure to rise. This frequency has also been found to reduce cholesterol. Simply start the fork vibrating and place over the area of the liver.


  • Circulation Tuning Fork 586Hz